Vol. 028 - Stop learning design

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Welcome to Vol. 028 of the UX Jetpack Newsletter, where I share job searching tips weekly. This week we are talking about:

  1. Stop learning design
  2. How to level up your UI skills?
  3. A friendly Monday reminder for job seekers
  4. 5 portfolio inspiration sites

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Stop learning design

Stop learning design.

Start designing.

There were times when I thought if I just watched a couple of videos or read a few books, I would know how to make a better design.

But you know what, you can't just learn design, you have to design.

You can only improve by practicing.

So next time when you scroll through LinkedIn for how to make a better design,

just stop, go open up Figma,

sketch up some ideas,

and start putting your ideas into reality.

How to level up your UI skills?

  1. Read “The Ultimate UI Design Roadmap” to brush up on your basics
  2. Visit websites like Mobbin or Curated Design for inspiration
  3. Copy those great designs in Figma and see if you can get it perfect
  4. Watch videos from Figma’s YouTube channel to learn how to use certain features
  5. Read “Refactoring UI” if you need a more comprehensive view of UI
  6. Start designing your own projects. You can use Sharpen for ideas to design
  7. Check out UI Tips for more practical UI tips

A friendly Monday reminder for job seekers

A rejection from a job interview doesn't mean you've failed as a designer.

There are many reasons why a company rejects you.

It could be that they realized they sourced the wrong kind of candidates;

they promoted someone within the company;

they don't think there's a culture match;

they have a referral in the pipeline;

there's an internal transfer;

their budget got cut;

or hiring freeze.

All of which has nothing to do with your skills or experience.

Next time if you get rejected,

don't feel too sad.

Kindly ask for feedback and keep on searching.

5 portfolio inspiration sites

5 amazing portfolio inspiration sites to help revamp your portfolio for 2024

  1. Cofolios https://www.cofolios.com
  2. Killer Portfolios https://killerportfolio.com
  3. Pafolios https://pafolios.com
  4. Portfolio Project https://portfolioproject.io
  5. Bestfolios https://www.bestfolios.com

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