Vol. 022 - Are you good enough?

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  1. Are you good enough?
  2. One trick to make your resume stand out
  3. Don’t explain any UX terms in your portfolio.
  4. 12 virtual design conferences to join in 2024

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Are you good enough?

You are not good enough.

I know this is not what you want to hear.

But to many people who are making the transition to UX.

Your resumes and portfolios simply won’t cut.

It’s not you don’t have the experience,

It’s not you don’t have the projects,

It’s that you are getting many basics wrong.

Not everyone wants to be a UI designer, but you need to know UI basics.

Don’t use over 3 font variations.

Don’t cramp everything together with no white space.

Don’t put high-saturation color on top of each other

You can break the rules, but you need to learn how to use them first.

UI is not hard; just follow some simple rules.

You will be better than many already.

Here are 9 UI tips you can apply today on your portfolio and resume. https://uxdesign.cc/9-simple-tips-to-improve-your-ui-designs-fast-377c5113ac82

One trick to make your resume stand out

Stop writing your experience like everyone else

Say you're a product designer.

Sure, you've "conducted user interviews to discover pain points and report to stakeholders and product team." But so has every other designer out there.

However, not everyone has “conducted user interviews to discover missed opportunities in the home buying market and influenced the product strategy to find the market fit.”

That’s your unique experience, no one else has it.

To take it one step further, add any metrics to prove your impact.

Always be specific about the purpose of your work and the outcome.

Don’t explain any UX terms in your portfolio.

Don’t explain any UX terms in your portfolio.

Share your thought process and design decisions instead.

You are not here to teach hiring managers about UX,

so why bother them with the definitions of any terms?

“A user journey map is a process map that shows the steps a person takes to reach a goal.”

Hiring managers know more than well about what a user journey map is.

They want to see how you use a user journey map to focus on what to design.

“People are confused when they want to know which model of laptop they should buy. They jump to other websites to do research, which results in a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. “

Show hiring managers how you would solve a design problem,

how you would work with other team members,

how you would bring value to the company,

how you would make an impact.

Storytelling is the key.

12 virtual design conferences to join in 2024

  1. 10X Conference
  2. UX360 Research Summit 2024
  3. axe-con
  4. ConveyUX
  5. ProductWorld
  6. UXDX USA 2024
  7. Config 2024
  8. ProductCon Online 2024
  9. UX Nordic
  10. Hatch Conference
  11. UX Design Summit 2024
  12. WaysConf

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